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More and more travellers are choosing to see the world on their own - Elite Travel & Events Inc and our Travel Partner accommodates them with the best small group journeys to more than 100 inspiring places.

Travel to the Places You Want to Visit

With a strong presence on all seven continents, our Travel Partner offers journeys from African safaris to cultural discovery programs to exciting adventure cruises to the Galápagos and Antarctica. They welcome solo guests on all their small group journeys.

Travel on Your Own - but Never Alone

Unlike other tour operators, our Travel Partner ensures that solo guests enjoy private accommodations on every stop on the itinerary. Best of all, you share the experience of exploring your destination with like-minded travellers eager to meet a fellow adventurer.

Safety and Security Are Our First Concern - and Your Last

As a solo guest, you don't have to spare a thought about your safety and security with our Travel Partner's 52 global offices providing round-the-clock support, making your journey as seamless as possible no matter where you go. From the moment you step off the plane to the moment you fly back home, you are in capable, expert hands.


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