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Marco Polo


For over 25 years, our most dedicated travellers have looked to Marco Polo Journeys for itineraries rich in exotic destinations and unique insider-access - what we call the luxury of access. Led by our Travel Partner's most revered Resident Tour Directors® with no more than 18 guests, Marco Polo Journeys venture farther off the beaten track and deeper into special interests, sometimes forgoing a creature comfort for the exclusivity of experience afforded by the road less taken.

About Marco Polo Journeys

An Expert at Your Side: Your Resident Tour Director

Leading your Marco Polo Journey are our Travel Partner's most popular and in-demand Resident Tour Directors - the best of the best. He or she brings your itinerary to life through decades, if not an entire lifetime, of firsthand experience in your destination. The result is a journey that transforms your understanding of a place, connecting you to the people and places you encounter in a way you’ll never forget.

Unrivaled Insider Access

Our Travel Partner's extensive local ties and network of 52 local offices around the world afford access to people and sites far beyond the reach of the average traveller. Whether it's watching a private kung fu demonstration in the Shaolin Temple or attending a member's only day at the Chelsea Flower Show, we take you past the crowds of waiting tourists and into places no other travel company can go.

An Itinerary Crafted by Experts

Every journey we offer has been designed by on-the-ground experts who know each destination intimately. Our ideal small group size and unrivaled insider access allow them to create itineraries that feature iconic destinations experienced at the perfect pace. You enjoy the benefits, including extra time on safari, longer stops in places you most want to see.

Intimate Groups of Just 18 Guests

Our Marco Polo Journeys are limited to just 18 guests, allowing us to reserve hotels that can’t accommodate the typically larger (40-plus) groups that travel with other companies. This also opens up a world of exclusive insider-access opportunities, from private museum openings to visits with local people in their own homes, while affording you time to get to know your fellow guests and interact with your Resident Tour Director.

Signature VIP Service

Our Travel Partner brings five-star service to every journey. From picking you up at the airport and handling your baggage with our VIP Travelling Bell Boy®service to covering your gratuities, we mind every detail so that you can fully enjoy your destination.  Our Travel Partner also gives you a helping hand with Traveller's Valet® - complimentary laundry service at the midpoint of your journey to help keep your luggage light.

Accommodations that Immerse You in the Culture

In keeping with the Marco Polo experience, we handpick the accommodations to immerse you deeper into the local culture. From palaces to yurts, from trains to yachts — your experience is made all the more authentic by the places you stay. The remoteness of some destinations may entail fewer creature comforts than a typical luxury journey would afford, but to a Marco Polo guest, the luxury of location is well worth the trade-off.


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