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Luxury Small

Group Journeys

Setting the standard for luxury small-group travel worldwide, Elite Travel & Events Inc's Travel Partner's, Luxury Small Group Journeys, deliver the best in comfort and service in the world's greatest destinations.

Count on intimate group sizes of no more than 18 guests, stay in only the finest hotels and experience unmatched insider access to revered sites, often before the crowds arrive. Backed by the support and expertise of their 52 local offices, you also travel under the wing of their award-winning Resident Tour Directors®, who bring your destination to life with one-of-a-kind local insight.


the Ultimate

in Luxury Small Group Travel

Insider Access and an Unmatched Local Presence

When you travel with our travel partners, you enjoy unmatched insider access to the authentic heart and soul of a place — and to people and sites that lie far beyond the reach of the average traveller. Our longstanding relationships and 52 local offices around the world make it all possible, from the seamless flow of the itinerary to the prompt attention paid to an unanticipated request.

An Itinerary Crafted by Experts

Every journey we offer has been designed by on-the-ground experts who know each destination intimately. Our ideal small group size and unrivaled insider access allow them to create itineraries that feature iconic destinations experienced at the perfect pace. You enjoy the benefits, including extra time on safari, longer stops in places you most want to see and even multiple stops, such as viewing the Taj Mahal at both sunrise and sunset.

An Expert at Your Side: The Resident Tour Director

Your Resident Tour Director brings your itinerary to life through decades of firsthand experience in your destination, sharing insights into the culture that can only come from someone who is, in fact, a local. Overseeing your entire journey and accompanying you every day, he or she reveals the real spirit of a place, connecting you to the people, places and wildlife you encounter in a way you’ll never forget.

Intimate Groups of Just 18 Guests

Our Luxury Small Group Journeys are limited to just 18 guests, allowing us to reserve hotels that can’t accommodate the typically larger (40-plus) groups that travel with other companies. This also opens up a world of exclusive insider-access opportunities, from private museum openings to visits with local people in their own homes, while affording you time to get to know your fellow guests and interact with your Resident Tour Director.

Signature VIP Service

Our Partner brings five-star service to every journey. From picking you up at the airport and handling your baggage with their VIP Travelling Bell Boy® service to covering your gratuities, we mind every detail so that you can fully enjoy your destination. They also give you a helping hand with Traveller's Valet® - complimentary laundry service at the midpoint of your journey to help keep your luggage light.

Stay in the Best Hotel, Every Time

Your accommodations are an important way of experiencing the character of your destination, and with our Partners longstanding local connections, they secure for you the best room at the best hotel at every stop on your journey. Wherever you stay on a Luxury Small Group Journey, rest assured that each accommodation choosen meets our rigorous standards of luxury, service and convenience.

Safety You Can Trust

Your well-being and safety is always our first priority. Our Partner's network of local offices and long-established relationships in every region in which they operate allow us to keep our finger on the pulse of local dynamics and to manage your safety and security. Should a situation arise, our Travel Partner has resources at the ready to allow you to safely continue on your journey.

Guaranteed Departures and Price Assurance

Every Luxury Small Group Journey is guaranteed to operate with a minimum of two guests. And with our guaranteed Price Assurance, if the price of your journey goes down after booking, we will automatically refund you the difference.

Setting the Standard for Luxury Travel

Our unmatched service, local knowledge and painstaking attention to detail have won praise both from travellers and travel professionals, who for more than a decade have consistently chosen our Travel Partner as the world's finest luxury travel company.

Travel in Luxury with the Whole Family or Journey Solo!

Luxury Small Group Family Journeys

Family Journeys are planned from the ground up to satisfy adventurers of all ages. Departures coincide with school breaks, and free time is built into the itineraries to allow you to explore as a family. To help share the gift of travel with the entire family, we've added a savings of $800 per child on all Family Journeys.

Solo Travelers Welcome

More and more travellers are choosing to see the world on their own. That is why we invites solo travellers to join one of our Luxury Small Group Journeys, where single accommodations are available at every stop on the itinerary.


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