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Chablé Yucatán

Chocholá Yucatán, Mexico

Chocholá Yucatán, the perfect setting for magical landscapes that surround Chablé Yucatán, a resort built in a beautiful former hacienda that is located around a sacred cenote, a source of restoration for body and soul. Discover the secrets found in every corner of this colonial place and enjoy the connection with nature through its modern architecture. Let yourself be carried away by the well-being that the different exclusive experiences will bring into you and find the meaning of being good with yourself.  
Chablé Yucatán
Chablé Resort & Spa is built within a 750 acres property in the municipality of Chocholá, Yucatán, in the heart of the Maya world. Just 25 minutes from Merida International Airport, it is 35 minutes away from this beautiful and emblematic city. From Chablé it’s easy to visit the Mayan archaeological sites, cenotes, picturesque towns, beaches, biospheres and nature reserves, as well as the best museums, art galleries and handicraft shops of Yucatan. 

Chablé Resort & Spa has 36 casitas and 4 family villas of exquisite contemporary design, with extensive living areas, terrace and private pool. Each one is completely surrounded by vegetation and is an intimate, spacious, loving and meticulously prepared universe for those who inhabit it. 

Chablé Spa invites guests to find harmony among body, spirit and emotions. We redefine wellness by proposing journeys of self-encounter and beauty through body, facial and energetic treatments that combine wisdom, herbal tradition and ancestral techniques. A Medicine Woman resides in Chablé, a Mayan Grandmother heir of ancestral wisdom, dedicated to maintaining the sacred space, the energetic balance and to accompany our guests in their journeys of self-discovery and healing. 
The energy axis of Chablé Spa is the cenote, which makes this Spa unique in the world. This source of sacred water is the focal point of each of the cabins, which seem suspended in the jungle and the yoga terrace is on its banks. 

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The luxury Chablé Yucatán in Chocholá Yucatán, Mexico

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