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Desa Potato Head

Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

At Potato Head, we live by the mantra “Good Times, Do Good.”  It’s not just something we say to make us feel better.  We truly believe that doing good can be and is a blast.  And over many years we have witnessed the way this approach to not only business but life has produced a positive ripple effect in communities outside our own.
Desa Potato Head
The original Potato Head eatery in Jakarta grew into a Bali outpost comprising restaurants, a beach club and entertainment, and it is now one of the most iconic venues on the island, with multiple boutique hotel concepts and a wildly creative lab reimagining waste into design objects.  

Opened in 2020, Desa Potato Head is Ronald’s dream of a creative village realized, one that empowers visitors through rich culture, a zero-waste goal, a fun-loving attitude and the tropical lifestyle that’s so core to Bali’s and Potato Head’s DNA. 
Regenerative hospitality is fueling the next generation of travel.  It’s a new kind of tourism, a way of being in and experiencing a destination that deeply enriches both it and the visitor.  This is not a fad; it’s a commitment to inspire and model change for the hospitality industry as a whole.  

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