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My Arbor

South Tyrol, Italy

My tree hotel in South Tyrol – Italy 

They are miraculous beings, these trees. So peaceful and strong. So mysterious. And so similar to us people. I too want to put down roots. Grow. Flourish. Become one with nature. It’s easy for me to do that here. I sleep among the treetops. Dream above the clouds. Lose myself in the silence of the forest. Find my way back to the essence of my soul. To the core of my being. My Arbor
My Arbor

My Suites 

I want to sleep between the treetops and the clouds. 
Wrap myself in the silence of the forest. Float above the world below and find my way back to nature. This is where I build my nest. Of cosiness and the sweetest dreams. Here I lie down to rest. I listen to the whispering of the wind. Promisingly it tells me of tomorrow. I softly slip into this dream. 

SPA Arboris 

I feel the spring in my soul. 
I can spread my wings here. Become one with the here and now. In this world of water, warmth and silence I thrive. This place is my source of strength. My fountain of youth. My place of longing. My favourite spa hotel in South Tyrol. This is where my inward and outward self connect. I fall silent. I become one. With nature. With infinity. 


My body is my temple, my soul my home. 
My body is my temple, my soul my home. This is where I nurture it. With flavours that beguile my senses. With tastes that surprise me. With fine textures and exquisite delicacies. With food in the most beautiful, truest sense of the word. The My Arbor is my favorite gourmet hotel in South Tyrol. Every day I indulge myself anew according to all the rules of the culinary art. 


With every new step, in every moment, in every new encounter, I grow. 
Sometimes exceeding my own limits. I want to immerse myself in life. To feel myself. In the silence of nature. In vibrant city life. My mountain holiday in this hotel in Bressanone and the surroundings is a break from the mundane. An adventure. A time to breathe again. To come alive. Minor wishes, major questions, whatever my heart desires – My Concierge is my wish-fulfiller. My holiday planner. My enabler. 

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The luxury My Arbor, Plose Wellness Hotel in South Tyrol, Italy

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