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Pan Pacific Orchard


Four unique spaces, one exceptional experience

Towering over Singapore’s prime shopping belt, Pan Pacific Orchard draws you into its verdant sanctuary of groundbreaking architectural design. Four spaces inspired by nature - Forest, Beach, Garden and Cloud - fuse seamlessly to provide exceptional experiences across unique environments. 
Pan Pacific Orchard

A Luxury Urban Oasis 

Verdant sanctuary with exemplary architectural design that draws nature inwards, featuring four seamlessly connected stacks—Forest, Beach, Garden and Cloud 

An Architectural Wonder 

Be captivated by vast open spaces bathed in pure natural light, and unwind by the sky terrace with its breathtaking views. 

A Premium Address 

Here in the heart of Singapore’s prime lifestyle district, explore, shop and indulge right at your doorstep. 

An Experience to Remember 

Savor our award-winning service, as our dedicated staff work tirelessly to make your stay both exceptional and memorable. Relax, and enjoy every moment to the fullest. 

Our Rooms & Suites 

Rooms and suites are meticulously designed for comfort and luxury. 

Restaurant and Bar 

From vibrant Mediterranean flavors with a Peruvian touch, to creative cocktails at our elegant bar, every visit is a memorable experience for our guests. 


Celebrate love amid an idyllic setting for extraordinary weddings 

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