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Rome, Italy

Twenty-five unique apartments designed and furnished by Jean Nouvel, situated in the heart of Rome and with views stretching from the Palatine to the Circus Maximus. 
Located in the ancient neighborhood of Velabro, the hotel has an artsy, industrial, avant-garde vibe utilizing magnificent blocks of stainless steel that contrast with the ancient patina of the walls. The touches of modernity inside the apartments are accentuated by state-of-the-art kitchens and bathrooms. 
“It’s a friendly conversation between opposites, a happy confrontation between different eras, from the most remote to the most modern. It’s also a meeting between two worlds, between the traces of the noblest and most sacred architectural monuments of Antiquity and these model domestic buildings that remind us that they are still alive and vibrant; that they are buildings in Rome that mean to fully enjoy their privileged position.” 
 Jean Nouvel 

Enjoy breakfast with a Nespresso coffee or Babingtons tea, looking out over the monumental view of the Arch of Janus, the Church of San Giorgio al Velabro, the Temple of Vesta, or the Palatine Hill. And then discover all the secrets of antiquity with your ultra-modern ultra-fast wifi connection, home automation, and B&O flat screen TV. Breathe in the art and design of your apartments scented with Labsolue pepper wood, or satisfy your artistic and culinary appetites in the Bistro Restaurant on the panoramic terrace after visiting the five floors of the art gallery, perhaps crossing through the Cavaedium of the Sun or Moon, for a unique sensory experience.
On the ground floor is The Fondazione Alda Fendi – Esperimenti, which houses exhibition space, art galleries, and culture oriented boutiques that open onto the street.  The rooftop restaurant has 360° views of the celebrated hills of Rome, as well as its venerable old domes.

For more information, please click on the photo below:

The luxurious Rhinoceros by Alda Fendi Roma in Rome, Italy.

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