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ROMEO Napoli

Naples, Italy

Beauty in Being and Doing 

ROMEO Napoli, a contemporary and modern hotel, where the elegance of Italian style, the refined simplicity of Japanese architecture by Kenzo Tange & Associates, a passion for art, culinary expertise, and well-being seamlessly merge. 

Harmony Amid Contrast 

Art and architecture intricately blend to create a unique space, revealing a surprising harmony behind an apparent contrast. The environments are enriched by Neapolitan, Italian, and international artists, inviting guests into an artistic universe. 
ROMEO Napoli

Naples, a City Waiting to be Explored 

Located between the sea and the heart of the city, ROMEO Napoli boasts a strategic position to discover the beauty of Naples. In the heart of the historic center, it is close to shopping streets, characteristic alleys full of tradition, spectacular monuments, and the train station. It is the perfect retreat for those who wish to explore every corner of the city. The harbour, just a few steps away, allows easy access to the nearby islands of Capri and Ischia. 

The Epitome of Italian Hospitality Excellence 

Precious materials, artisanal craftsmanship, sophisticated design, haute cuisine, and carefully curated wines embody Italian excellence. These values are reflected in every detail of ROMEO Napoli’s hospitality.. Through meticulous research, unwavering passion, cultural appreciation, and a deep respect for the region, combined with refined aesthetic sensibilities, an authentic and unforgettable experience comes to life. 

In alignment with the individual preferences of each guest, a "tailored" service is offered to ensure a personalized and memorable journey. 
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