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Ideal for travellers seeking a custom journey, Tailor Made Elements are four-day, single-destination itineraries that showcase Europe’s most popular cities, countries and regions. Mix and match from over 25 destinations to create your own custom European odyssey. Each Tailor Made Element is built around the best sites and hotels as chosen by our Travel Partner's local experts.

Work with one of our Luxury Travel Specialist to further personalize your journey by adding special activities made possible through our longstanding local connections.

Mix and Match

the following


to create your own custom journey.

Britain & Ireland

Brimming with a kaleidoscope of culture, arts, architecture, culinary delights and natural splendors, Great Britain and Ireland are musts on every seasoned traveller's list.

Russia & Scandinavia

Russia boasts artistic gems, unmistakable architecture and old-world charms, while Scandinavia offers a mix of European sophistication, unspoiled panoramas and rich historical sites.


From the cultural riches in Florence and Tuscany's wine region, to the romantic canals of Venice and fashion-forward Milan, Italy is a culinary epicenter, fashion capital and historic tour de force.

France, Belgium & the Netherlands

France is the epicenter for all things culinary and fashionable, while Belgium and the Netherlands, with their fields of spring flowers and picturesque canals, offer charms all their own.

Spain & Portugal

Spain is all about the colorful life, from Seville's fiery flamenco to Barcelona's whimsical architecture. Portugal brims with old-world charm, from medieval castles, tranquil monasteries and quaint fishing villages.

Greece & Turkey

Greece is a place steeped in myths and gods, with temples honoring bygone civilizations. Truly a land where East meets West, Turkey embodies a character all its own, from legendary Istanbul to beautiful Cappadocia.

Central & Eastern Europe

The countries of Central and Eastern Europe are the continent's best-kept secret with fascinating museums, an enchanting mix of cultures, inviting restaurants and architectural masterpieces.


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