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African Safaris

Travel far from the busy world we live in to the unspoiled natural beauty of Africa for an unforgettable luxury African safari experience. Our Travel Partner pioneered the modern safari, and no one has higher standing in Africa. Our long-standing relationships from Nairobi to Cape Town allow us to offer the most desirable experience - from luxury mobile camping to photo safaris - and with the best game viewing in Africa.

Step into East Africa, a world of wildlife and beautiful landscapes that is ideal for a photo safari. Consider a safari in Uganda to track a family of endangered mountain gorilla or head to Southern Africa for a diverse safari experience that combines stays in luxury camping facilities and lodges and a game drives in open four-wheel-drive vehicles for the photo safari opportunities.

Our Travel Partner brings nearly 50 years of experience arranging luxury African safaris, making yours one of the most rewarding holidays you will ever have.

Why Choose our Travel Partner's Safari?

  • They have five decades of experience and their local presence is without equal.

  • They have the best safari guides and they choose the finest safari camps.

  • They have the most successful Kilimanjaro climbing operation.

  • They design, build and operate their own custom vehicles.

  • Responsible tourism is part of every safari.

  • Their commitment to excellence is recognized throughout the industry.

A Safari Bag Designed by the Pros

Now, when you travel on any of our safari adventures, we will be providing you with a complimentary, custom-crafted Duffel. This bag has been specially designed for your journey - it's perfectly sized to fit all your safari essentials while still meeting airline checked baggage size restrictions for Africa.

Choosing the Right Safari

Safari in Style

These journeys are available in two editions –the Luxury Lodges edition, which includes the very best boutique safari lodgings, closed to other travel companies but open to our Travel Partner because of our smaller group sizes; and the Under Canvas edition, featuring stays in permanent tented camps and their exclusive mobile tented camps, calling to mind the romantic ambience of safaris by Hemingway and Roosevelt.

Wildlife Safaris

Our most popular Africa journeys, these safaris take you to the heart of prime game-viewing locations. Perfect for first-time safari-goers, they feature accommodations at spacious, comfortable lodges and camps located in scenic stretches of Africa's most popular game parks and reserves. Witness authentic life in the African bush, from roving predators on the hunt to lone Maasai herdsmen tending their cattle.

Family Safaris

Based on our bestselling Wildlife Safaris, our family safaris are accompanied by a dedicated Young Explorer's Guide who organizes age-appropriate activities at every stage of the journey. Children may make tribal masks or jewelry and identify animal tracks, unforgettable activities that bring Africa's culture to life. Lodgings chosen for these journeys include swimming pools and other family-friendly amenities.


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