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“I’ve never been here before. What are the best places to visit?” So many travellers have asked us this that we created the Signature Series: the ideal independent itinerary, usually on the dates of your choosing, with just your travel companions, our Travel Partner's recommended must-see sites, the best hotels from our portfolio and expert local guides.

A World of Expertise: Planning Your Journey

Signature Series Journeys are the ideal independent journey, featuring must-sees sites in your chosen destination, the best hotels from our luxury portfolio and expert local guidance every step of the way. When it comes to creating a journey that shows each destination at its best, there is no substitute for the insight of a local expert — and our Travel Partner has hundreds, along with 52 offices around the globe.

Travel on Your Own — But with Experts Always on Hand

Signature Series Journeys are private: they include just you and your companion(s), as well as a local guide at each stop to enrich your journey, while dedicated personnel work behind the scenes to ensure smooth travels.

Travelling on Your Own Timetable

Independent Signature Series Journeys are ready to book with one phone call. Subject to availability, you can also name your date and we’ll confirm it at the price of published departures that month.

Stay in the Best Hotel

Signature journeys feature the best hotels from our Travel Partner's portfolio of luxury properties; Silver and Gold options on most journeys let you choose between four- and five-star accommodations.

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