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River Cruises

With more than 50 years of experience and five offices in Europe, our European River Cruise Journeys offer the only complete, boutique small-group river cruise experience available. Though you cruise on a ship of 150 or so passengers, Connections guests dine and go ashore as a small group of no more than 24 like-minded travellers, with exclusive insight from a Resident Tour Director. All off-ship sightseeing is exclusive to your Connections group, and your group dines together at reserved tables both aboard ship and on shore. Our Travel Partner offers only the cabins and suites most preferred by our guests, including those with full, walk-out balconies or French balconies with unrestricted views through wide, glass panoramas. And every cruise offers a complete itinerary, with stays in smaller, hand-selected hotels in major cities and enriching, guided visits to must-see destinations, ensuring a boutique-style travel experience from start to finish.

Each Luxury River Cruise Journey Lets You

  • Enjoy stays in distinctive, centrally located boutique hotels, available only to a small group.

  • Choose from three new journeys along the Seine, Rhine and Danube and a new river ship, ‘Amadeus Provence’.

  • All shore excursions are exclusive to your Connections group.

  • Connections guests dine together at reserved tables on board, as well as during meals at restaurants on shore.

  • Experience a complete itinerary when cruising in Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest and other treasured locales, with stays in hand-selected boutique hotels.

  • Local wine and beer are now included at all lunches and dinners, both on and off the ship.

See Europe

By River

As Only our Travel Partner Can Reveal It

Resident Tour Directors® Who Live in Europe

Our Travel Partner's Resident Tour Directors have lived for decades, perhaps even their entire lives, in the places you visit, and are equipped with the savvy and insight into local culture that only come with being there. Dedicated to your small group, they oversee your entire journey and accompany you every day.

Itineraries that Combine River and Land

Included city visits offer you the chance to immerse yourself in vital cultural hubs such as Amsterdam, Munich, Budapest and Paris with Connections. Your small-group size gives you access to distinctive, boutique-style accommodations in the heart of fascinating cities, and sightseeing that enhances and completes your experience.

A Small Group of 24 or Less

Throughout every journey, you travel in the company of no more than 24 guests — a benefit other companies, with their "small groups" of 40 or more, simply can't match. You avoid delays with priority boarding, enjoy exclusive time with your Resident Tour Director, dine with one another on board and ashore, and embark on excursions as a group in a comfortable, exclusively designated vehicle.

Exclusive Luxury On Shore Connections

During your journey, Connections provides enriching on shore sightseeing, for a complete boutique experience. All are exclusive to our Travel Partner's guests. Each is designed to connect you to your destination at its most authentic, with guided excursions to local neighborhoods and markets, as well as meetings with remarkable local artisans, musicians and culinary experts.

Dedicated On Shore Vehicles

When you disembark your stylish riverboat for a shore excursion, led by your Resident Tour Director, a comfortable vehicle is waiting on the dock, and it is designated exclusively for your group. This way, you never have to wait or search for a bus. Airport transfers are also included on every departure.

Unmatched On-the-Ground Support

Our Travel Partner has five on-the-ground offices in Europe — far more than any other travel company — all staffed by experts who know the ins and outs of every destination and who have cultivated the long-term relationships with expert local guides, governments and organizations, resulting in unique sightseeing experiences simply not available from anyone else.

An Incomparable Value

Impeccable attention to detail, unparalleled service that is seamless from start to finish, a deeper understanding of your destination than you ever expected — they are what make cruising the great rivers of Europe so extraordinary, and translate directly into a value unmatched in European river cruising today.

Journey Along the Most Scenic Waterways

Aboard Our River Ships

  • Spacious suites and cabins with unrestricted views

  • Walk-out or French balconies in all cabins

  • Fine dining, with meals prepared by on-board chefs

  • Renowned Austrian hospitality

  • Modern, hotel-style amenities, including hairdresser, fitness room, massage facilities and ship-wide Wi-Fi

  • Complimentary bicycles for exploring on your own

  • Priority boarding, so you step aboard up to 90 minutes before other passengers


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